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A Guide to Cole Haan Shoes

The year 1928 has marked the beginning of the transformation in the footwear industry. This is the year that Cole Haan has entered the industry and it has revolutionized men’s fashion sense and taste as they start to see and feel the difference of using quality and fashionable shoes.

Cole Haan is a known fashion label that has a wide range of products from footwear to accessories. However, the company has started with shoe products and this line continues to have a following all over the world. The excellent and superior quality with consideration on comfort and protection make the brand the preferred choice.

Although Cole Haan started with men’s footwear, it has not ignored the need to address the women’s shoe needs. To date, it offers a range of collection of fashionable, colorful, sleek, classy, trendy and sophisticated footwear options to match women’s personalities. The common denominators, though, are quality, comfort and style that Cole Haan is known for.

Cole Haan Men’s Shoes

Air Hughes Shoes

If you prefer a laid-back feel as you wear your casual shoes, you should choose the Air Hughes Double Strap shoes which provide the comfort, fit and protection even for long days of walk or activities. This type of Cole Haan shoes was designed to address the need for protection for high impact and strenuous activities

Zip Boots

For that Western cowboy look, you should wear the Cole Haan Zip boots and be proud to show the leather quality material used in your trendy calf high boots with a buckle at the ankle area. The handy side zip allows for easy wearing and removal. Also, the intricate and meticulous stitches prove the durability that you can rely on for years.

Air Conner

To provide the footwear for your outdoor activities, you can try on Cole Haan’s Air Conner shoes. These are designed with the use of Nike Air Technology which reduces the impact on the feet. This is made possible by the ultimate and superior comfort and cushioning to make sure that your feet are pampered while you enjoy doing your favorite sport.

Cole Haan Women’s Shoes

Air Carma Slingback

For your favorite casual dress, you can always rely on the slingback line of Cole Haan shoes. You can feel light without sacrificing style and fashion. With the Cole Haan slingback choices, you can have one for every outfit that matches different colors and sophistication. You will certainly feel proud as you walk wearing this fashionable footwear, especially during the summer period.

Air Penny Driver

For your heavy and busy activities at work, you will need the footwear that answers not only your need for style and fashion, but also the comfort and protection for whole day work. With the use of Cole Haan’s Nike Air Technology, you will feel the cushioning that can pamper your feet. You will never feel so tired at the end of your busy day at work.

There are many other Cole Haan shoe choices for women . You can choose from Cole Haan sandals , flats , and heels . Cole Haan heels are best for your business and formal activities but for your light and casual moments, you can always rely on Cole Haan flats for a carefree day in the mall or in the beach. With these different choices, there is always one that meets your requirements for every occasion and for every personality.