How-To Fix Broken High Heels

Every woman has that one pair of pumps that you just can't live without. They're beautiful, they're perfect, and most importantly, they're perfect on you. So what do you do when the unthinkable happens and the heel of your pump wears down to nothing? What do you do when you're stumbling around on metal pins, flailing your arms as you attempt to traverse the cold, hard marble floor and you're failing miserably? Thankfully, fixing heels is a very simple task. Follow these instructions to have your favorite shoes strutting around on slippery surfaces with ease.

  1. Purchase heel tip replacements. Not many people know that you can purchase heel tip replacements, which leads to the tossing out of some perfectly good pumps. Heel tips are available at shoe repair shops (however, do not pay the cobbler to fix the heels because you can do so very easily yourself). When choosing your heel tips, be sure they have the correct size and diameter for your heel by measuring the tip of the damaged heel.
  2. Remove the damaged heel tip and metal pin with a pair of pliers. It will take some elbow grease but you can yank them out without any problem.
  3. Place the metal pin of the new heel tip into the hole where the damaged heel tip was. Hammer it in gently until the pin is all the way in and the heel tip is securely fastened.
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