How-to Make Your Shoes Slip-Safe

High-heeled shoes, boots, and sandals might be just about the greatest inventions that have ever been invented in the history of inventions. Heels are objects of divine beauty that almost literally bring you closer to the heavens above, if only by a few inches. But with such beauty comes a price: traction. High-heeled shoes may look great but there's no denying that they are difficult to wear for a number of reasons. It's hard enough maneuvering your way through the twists and turns of life in those mini-stilts they call "high heels." But just to make you jump through an extra hoop, the outsoles on high heels always seem to be as slippery as butter-coated fish scales. Really, it seems like the prettier the shoes, the more slippery they get to be. And that's just not right. To help preserve your poised, confident stride, here is a simple method to make your shoes slip-safe, using items around the home.

  1. Obtain bathtub appliques. Bathtub appliques are those stickers that go on the floor of your bathtub to give the slippery surface of your tub some traction and prevent you from slipping. These same appliques can add traction to your shoes. They should be available at any store with home and bath accessories.
  2. Place the applique under the sole of your shoe. Carefully trace the outline of your sole onto the applique.
  3. Using scissors, carefully cut the applique about 1/4 inch inside of the outline you traced. This way, you can make sure the applique is smaller than your shoe's sole and won't jut out in an ugly fashion. Make sure that the backing of the applique stays on.
  4. Now, remove the backing and apply it to the sole of your shoe. Step into your shoes and walk around for a few steps so that the applique will stick securely.
    • If the applique doesn't adhere completely to your sole, apply small dabs of rubber cement to the applique. Let it dry overnight on the sole of your shoe.
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