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Celebrities Who Love Ed Hardy

When a fashion brand gains the attention of glamorous, fashion-conscious celebrities, you know there must be something there. This is an assurance of confidence and trust on the fashion sense of the designer behind the brand. Ed Hardy is successful in this field. This brand, known for high fashion shoes, clothing and accessories dominates with its presence in almost all lines of fashion. The unique Ed Hardy design can be seen anywhere and the unique artistic tattoo-inspired stamp is a known trademark of Ed Hardy’s creativity and artistry.

The Ed Hardy brand is named after the known “Godfather of Tattoo Design”. The brand is also an incorporation of the fashion sense of Christian Audigier, a trusted, credible and well-known French fashion designer named as the “King of Jeans”. This match produces an output that celebrities love to wear – women’s and men’s Ed Hardy shoes, clothing and accessories.

Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier combined the tattoo art with the elements of punk, vintage and street culture. The outcome paved the way for the “Street Fashion” that clearly reflects the American spirit as seen in this generation.

The celebrities who love to wear men’s and women’s Ed Hardy shoes, boots and clothing come from different generations and from different entertainment fields – from the music, art, fashion, and movie industries. You name the field and there is high probability of famous personalities trusting in the Ed Hardy brand.

There are more than 5,000 celebrities who use Ed Hardy footwear and clothing. These include Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Beyonce, Heidi Montag, Kanye West, Denise Richards, Christina Milian, Hayden Panettiere, Ashlee Simpson, Kristin Cavallari, and Lisa Rinna. Even older celebrities, such as Sylvester Stallone, are proud to wear the Ed Hardy brand.

The unique designs of Ed Hardy footwear for men and women include tattoo works like dagger, tiger, skeleton, skull and other non-traditional designs. Classic and plain preferences for the Oriental dragon, squirrels and totem are also included in the choices.

The unique and creative use of embroidery, splash ink, washing and other styles make the Ed Hardy design a preferred fashion brand. With the many tattoo designs in the Ed Hardy shoes, there is always one pair that can satisfy a person’s fashion taste. No matter how simple or sophisticated the personality is, Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier created the design to create a smile in a person’s face. The collaboration of the two is a partnership that no other fashion brand can match. It is therefore important to always ensure that you are getting the genuine and original Ed Hardy shoes for women and men. This is what celebrities are careful with.

If Ed Hardy is your choice for your footwear, you belong to the same fashion sense level that famous celebrities belong to. This means you have quality fashion taste and preference. If you have not tried using the Ed Hardy fashion products, it may be high time to see the many designs and styles that can project your personality and fashion taste. Wearing the Ed Hardy brand means a having high sense of sophistication in your fashion taste, just like the celebrities who love Ed Hardy.