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A Guide to Dansko Shoes

If you are a fan of the wooden clogs, you most likely have a Dansko clogs collection. Dansko is known as an icon in this particular footwear type and has made its name to carry the Danish quality wooden shoe with emphasis on comfort and support features. The company has started its presence in horse shows and events in the early 1990s with focus on providing comfortable footwear for the barn environment. As people appreciated the introduction of the wooden shoes and have shared these to their friends, the company gained popularity and is now trusted for providing fashionable and comfortable footwear.

Although Dansko is highly popular for its comfortable clogs, the truth is that Dansko offers the other footwear types that women also love. Below are the characteristics of clogs and other shoe types that Dansko users love.

Dansko Clogs

Known as the comfort footwear icon for this type of footwear, Dansko clogs come in different categories. The Stapled Clogs category is known as Dansko’s original design. With this classical type, you will notice improvements in the structural look and design because of the many innovations incorporated in manufacturing to improve the level of comfort that Dansko clogs provide. In this category, you will also find some Dansko sandals offering the best foot grip that you need for a long day of walk and movement. You can try the Dansko Moriah and Melina sandals to feel the comfort and support that Dansko is known for.

Dansko Sausalito Collection

This collection is designed with the same comfort, contour and well-designed support as the clogs but are lighter. It offers a more flexible footwear construction with a soft and cushioned footbed. In this collection, you will enjoy both style and comfort utilizing fashionable strap designs that adjusts to the level of comfort and fit that your feet require.

You can find Dansko boots in this collection which are great for any occasion, whether it is sporty, formal or casual. You can wear your Dansko boots with your jeans, mini, shorts, or even in that business look. There is always one pair of Dansko boots to meet your simple or sophisticated footwear requirements.

Dansko Capri Collection

If you love sandals, this is the Dansko collection to look for. The lightweight and comfortable sandals manufactured in soft nappa leather with the style of crinkled patented leather will create a trendy, stylish and comfortable look for the busy woman.

Dansko heels also belong to this collection. With Dansko footwear, you are assured of comfort and style that can match your feet shape and size. Every footwear requirement is addressed in Dansko with consideration to fashion, comfort, quality and durability. This is the difference that Dansko makes in the footwear industry. This is the reason why many women continue to trust in every Dansko product.

Whether your requirement is for Dansko clogs, sandals, flats, heels or wedges, Dansko users are always assured of the quality and comfort that women need in this fast-paced and highly fashionable generation.