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A Guide to Ed Hardy

If you notice the new look in today’s sneakers and shoes with the artistic designs similar to tattoo works, you are seeing the influence of Ed Hardy in the shoe industry. Ed Hardy is a famous tattoo master who set up his own fashion brand with the contribution of Christian Audigier, a known fashion designer. With the collaboration of these two artistic minds, the Ed Hardy brand came into existence. The Ed Hardy brand covers a whole line of fashion products from clothing to shoes to accessories. The common element is the use of unique and creative tattoo art in the design of the products.

For the lover of fashionable shoes, you can find the different types of Ed Hardy footwear below with their characteristics.

Ed Hardy Boots

For the stylish woman, Ed Hardy boots are an essential part of the collection. With choices of bootstrap, shoalin and plain boots, you will find one that will be best to satisfy your desire for a casual or sporty look. The heeled boots will provide the confidence to strut in special occasions. You can also choose to wear women’s Ed Hardy boots with zipper enclosures to allow easy access and removal. With choices of synthetic and genuine leather, there is one that will match your budget requirements without sacrificing style and fashion.

Ed Hardy Flip-flops

For the spring and summer look that is cool to wear as you walk along the beach or stroll in the park, women’s Ed Hardy flip-flops are the best to show off. With the creative design that other flip-flop brands do not have, you will surely stand out. The heels and thongs can make you even more attractive as you walk with poise showing those pretty feet.

Ed Hardy Sandals

The women of this generation love the high fashion sense in the design of women’s Ed Hardy sandals. For the more sophisticated woman, the gladiator sandals will make a strong statement on high premium style and trend.

Ed Hardy Shoes

Ed Hardy sneakers for men and women can satisfy the sporty, creative, edgy, youthful and trendy personality that he wants to project. The colors and intricate designs based on the tattoo works of Ed Hardy can make a strong fashion statement. You can choose from low rise or high rise shoes and still create an impact of being trendy and stylish. You can walk like a rock star with the bold and emphasized tattoo-inspired designs. With or without lace, your Ed Hardy shoes will stand out as you walk with confidence and with style.

If you give importance to fashion and art, Ed Hardy is the best brand to meet your expectations. This is the reason why celebrities rely on Ed Hardy not only for their footwear but also for their clothing and accessories. The two geniuses in Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier successfully transformed the face of style and fashion in their collaboration. Show your youthful, edgy, creative and modern personality with the Ed Hardy fashion products.