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A Guide to Mizuno Running Shoes

The Mizuno brand holds a long heritage in the athletic areas of baseball and golf. Baseball stands out in particular—Mizuno has been producing baseball bats and mitts for almost a full century now. Company founder, Rihachi Mizuno, was even inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971 for his contributions to the development of the sport.

So it comes with great surprise that men's Mizuno’s running shoes and women's Mizuno running shoes, which the company only began developing in the 1980s, have come to be Mizuno’s most popular shoes. It has gotten to the point that the brand has become synonymous with high-quality running shoes, arguably the best in the world. This is thanks in no small part to the company’s breakthrough Mizuno Wave Technology, a technology that greatly enhances stability, support, energy return, and cushioning. The technology was unveiled in 1997. Since then, Mizuno Wave running shoes have catapulted to the top of the pack among both amateur and professional runners. Below is a rundown of Mizuno’s most popular models of running shoes:

Mizuno Wave Alchemy

The Mizuno Wave Alchemy model of Mizuno running shoes is designed as a stability shoe. These shoes are ideal for excessive over-pronators due to the stiff mid-foot arch support and flexibility that they afford. Mizuno Wave Alchemy running shoes also sport features such as Mizuno Intercool ventilation technology, breathable AIRMesh uppers, and specialized rubber compound soles to increase durability and shock absorption.

Mizuno Wave Creation

Mizuno Wave Creation running shoes are built for under-pronators with high arches and also for heavy-set runners. These shoes tend to be heavier, with stiff, firm midsoles. However, these hard midsoles make for an absolutely smooth ride. Mizuno Wave Creation running shoes come with Sensor Point technology that enhances your stability and traction on your run.

Mizuno Wave Inspire

The Mizuno Wave Inspire model running shoes are extremely lightweight and extremely breathable as well. But they also provide excellent cushioning and flexibility for such lightweight shoes, making them ideal for neutral- to over-pronators. Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes function very well as workhorse training shoes.

Mizuno Wave Nirvana

The Mizuno Wave Nirvana model of running shoe is a stability shoe that offers an amazing fit and a firm ride, suitable for moderate and excessive over-pronators. The stiff, firm sole of these running shoes also makes it ideal for heavy-set runners who need shoes that can maintain their integrity for the long haul.

Mizuno Wave Precision

The Mizuno Wave Precision running shoes are very, very lightweight making these some of the fastest shoes available. The soles are firm but at the same time, surprisingly flexible. These running shoes are best used as trainers for either normal arched runners or for lighter runners with low arches.

Mizuno Wave Rider

The Mizuno Wave Rider model running shoes is a cushioned shoe for under-pronators. These running shoes are extremely lightweight and also extremely flexible. Mizuno Wave Riders are also some of the best fitting running shoes available, thanks to its Gender Engineering, which accommodates the unique qualities that differentiate male and female runners. This means that men's Mizuno shoes and women's Mizuno shoes are perfectly tailored to their respective runners.