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A History of Dansko

In the beginning, Dansko was never conceptualized to be what it is right now. It merely started with a couple interested in riding horses that saw the need for unique pairs of shoes that would fit the barn environment. That footwear is now known as clogs. Peter Kjellerup and Mandy Cabot saw that the footwear discovery in Denmark would help them pursue their interest in professional horse training. They shared this discovery to their friends who also shared to their friends and before they knew it, the demand for the footwear they discovered in Denmark had a market.

The couple started selling the clogs in their station wagon as they attend horse shows and events and later on, it grew to be the shoe company that you now hear as Dansko, now synonymous to Denmark Shoe Company. It was in 1993 when the couple decided to concentrate on providing comfortable footwear that they sold their farm and shifted their major interest from horses to shoes. This was a result of two years of testing and rigid observation. With excellent acid testing results, the rest is now history. Dansko has now grown to be a reliable footwear company that focuses on providing comfort and support. The company also has grown to offer other types of footwear and has extended to selling boots, wedges, sandals, flats and heels. The common denominator is always comfort.

Fashion and Dansko Clogs

The discovery of the clogs has paved the way for comfortable footwear in a barn environment. Although in the previous years, clogs were not considered trendy, the company has continued to promote and sell this type of footwear together with other types. However, the market has accepted the fashion that characterizes Dansko clogs and at this time, this footwear can also be seen used during casual, day-to-day activities. The perspective has changed. Fashion has evolved and clogs and wedges are now part of the acceptable footwear of informal occasions. The ultra-soft suede linings and the cushioned insoles have improved the feel of wearing traditional clogs to the modern clogs available for you to enjoy. Dansko has contributed in revolutionizing this area of the footwear industry. The good thing about the Dansko footwear brand is its emphasis on promoting excellent limb health from the foot to the leg with equal consideration to back health.

Other Dansko Products

For women who are concerned about comfort needed for busy work days, Dansko heels provide the best answer and option. Dansko heels are designed with state-of-the-art technology in incorporating comfort and support without sacrificing trends and fashion requirements of the times.

Dansko sandals are best for casual occasions. Dansko wedges are also a choice by most women as they offer the alternative modern look to the heeled business footwear option. Women who are used to wearing heeled shoes can still carry the same confidence and poise for casual occasions with Dansko clogs and wedges.

For the carefree type of women where movement is important in her activities, Dansko flats are the best choice. Regardless of the duration of the activity, Dansko flats can sustain a whole day’s strenuous and high activity.

Today, Dansko has grown with the many footwear choices that women love. In Dansko, you will enjoy fashion, comfort, support and protection in one footwear brand. Dansko continues to grow as a trusted footwear company not only in the US but in the world. The name already equates to comfort and quality.