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The History of Via Spiga

The Via Spiga brand stands for the finest in Italian design, offering breathtaking beauty and sophisticated style in all of its shoes, boots, and sandals. Fashion-conscious women adore Via Spiga’s designs which bring the high fashion of the runways to the feet of contemporary women everywhere. Via Spiga shoes are constructed with exquisite Italian craftsmanship which selects only the most premium materials for usage before creating the shoes with the utmost care and precise attention to detail. The high-quality Italian craftsmanship ensures supreme comfort, support, and durability to complement the beautifully vivid style of all Via Spiga shoes. Via Spiga shoes, Via Spiga boots, and Via Spiga sandals exude elegance, refinement, and delicate beauty to bring out the confidence and poise in every woman who wears them.

But how did Via Spiga come to be admired around the world? Where did Via Spiga come from? How has the brand achieved such great success? What is behind its divine Italian craftsmanship?

The Start of Via Spiga

Although Via Spiga continues a long, rich heritage of Italian design, you’d be surprised to learn that Via Spiga’s own history is relatively short. Via Spiga was established a very short time ago in 1985. Named after one of the most famous shopping districts in Milan, Via Spiga has been creating beautiful shoes with luxurious leathers and fabrics and intricate detailing from the very start. Via Spiga shoes, boots, and sandals reflect the cosmopolitan sophistication and refinement of the renowned shopping district of its namesake. Women who wear Via Spiga shoes—whether those shoes are classic pumps, elegant platform heels, charming flats, chic booties, exquisite slouch boots, or bold gladiator sandals—carry an aura of tasteful class and poise wherever they step.

Via Spiga’s Expansion Worldwide

With Via Spiga’s great success, the brand was able to expand beyond its hometown of Milan. Now, Via Spiga is available worldwide in more than 100 premier stores and boutiques all over the globe, including the uber-chic Soho (South Houston) neighborhood of New York City, where Via Spiga’s flagship store now resides.

Via Spiga’s huge success has also allowed them the opportunity to expand its collections of fashion to include clothing and accessories. Although Via Spiga began providing women’s footwear exclusively, the brand has since grown to produce women’s overcoats and women’s accessories such as belts, sunglasses, handbags, and purses. Via Spiga has even started offering a selection of sophisticated men’s footwear such as dress shoes, loafers, oxfords, and sneakers. Via Spiga provides a full line of fashionable footwear and accessories to display the highest luxury and classy style that women expect from Via Spiga shoes.

Designer Paola Venturi

These days, the Via Spiga brand is lead by designer Paola Venturi, who serves as Via Spiga’s Creative Director across all fashion categories. Venturi brings nearly two decades of experience in fashion footwear design, working with some of the most prestigious brands in the world, including Sergio Rossi, Calvin Klein, and Kate Spade. Venturi ensures that all Via Spiga shoes, Via Spiga boots, and Via Spiga sandals live up to the quality and beauty that women have come to expect from Via Spiga.