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Steve Madden's Men's Footwear

The Steve Madden name has risen to prominence within the world of fashion. With the hottest, sexiest shoes designed with the most up-to-date fashion trends, women love the Steve Madden brand for making high-class runway fashion available to as many women as possible.

But with such a stake in the hearts of women everywhere, you might be surprised to learn that the Steve Madden brand also produces a line of men’s footwear. And quite an extensive line, at that. Steve Madden offers a wide selection of men’s footwear from sophisticated dress shoes and casuals to relaxing sandals and even sporty sneakers. Whatever the occasion, Steve Madden has you covered with the most handsome men’s fashions and styles. Steve Madden shoes allow men to walk to complete poise and confidence.

Men's Steve Madden Dress Shoes

Men’s Steve Madden dress shoes give men the sleek style and sophisticated appearance to be able to walk with complete confidence, whether you’re on the street, in the boardroom, or going out on the town. Men’s Steve Madden dress shoes and dress boots are available in a variety of styles and designs including clean cap-toe oxfords, bicycle-toe loafers, penny loafers, apron toe oxfords, wing-tip shoes and much, much more. Steve Madden dress shoes for men are made with only the finest of leathers and a careful, precise attention to detail. Men’s dress shoes from Steve Madden ensure high quality, long-lasting wear and stunning style. Strut with pride when you slip into a pair of Steve Madden dress shoes.

Men's Steve Madden Casuals

Men’s Steve Madden casuals combine refinement and sophistication with a sense of comfortable, relaxed, laid back style. Steve Madden casual shoes for men are perfect for Casual Fridays, after-work happy hours, and of course, the easy joy of a warm, bustling weekend. Steve Madden creates a plethora of men’s casual shoes including classic boat shoes in a variety of colors, driving mocs, casual loafers, casual oxfords, and more. Like Steve Madden men’s dress shoes and women’s Steve Madden shoes, men’s Steve Madden casuals utilize high quality leathers and fabrics while employing a strict attention to detail to produce handsome shoes that are just as comfortable and supportive as they are good-looking. Men’s casuals from Steve Madden are the perfect combination of easy comfort and sophistication.

Men's Steve Madden Sandals and Sneakers

Steve Madden also offers a selection of summery cool sandals and sporty, athletic sneakers for men. These men’s shoes from Steve Madden—whether they are leather thongs and leather slides or low-top and high-top lace-up sneakers—round out the wide array of styles available for men from the Steve Madden Men’s collection. These men’s sandals and men’s sneakers are great for an afternoon on the boardwalk or a casual trip across town, giving plush comfort in any situation.