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Timberland’s Earthkeepers Line

The Timberland Company produces boots and shoes full of rugged style while also offering supreme comfort and performance. Timberland boots and shoes offer the best in rugged lifestyle footwear as well as outdoors shoes and work boots. Timberland creates boots and shoes in a number of different collections such as the Timberland PRO collection of work boots and shoes, the classic Timberland Boot Company collection, and the Timberland Mountain Athletics collection.

But Timberland aspires to be more than a mere footwear company. Timberland wants to change the world. That’s why it introduced the Earthkeepers line of men's Timberland and women's Timberland shoes.

Timberland’s Commitment to the Environment

On top of providing high quality boots and shoes to its customers, Timberland believes in its own sense of Corporate Social Responsibility. Timberland believes it has a responsibility towards its local communities as well as the global community to enact positive change. This means many things. It means encouraging Timberland employees to participate in volunteer service in their communities as well as in humanitarian efforts across the globe as part of the Path of Service program.

But this also means preserving the outdoors. As a company that promotes enjoyment of nature and the rugged outdoors, Timberland feels it is its duty to contribute to environmental health as much as possible. That’s why it created the Timberland Earthkeepers collection. The Timberland Earthkeepers line is a line of shoes, boots, and sandals that are designed to be eco-friendly. Men's and women's Timberland Earthkeepers shoes boast a host of features that ensure that the shoes leave a positive impact on the environment.

Features of Timberland Earthkeepers Footwear

Men's Timberland and women's Timberland Earthkeepers shoes, boots, and sandals are not only stylish and comfortable. They are also environmentally-friendly. Timberland Earthkeepers shoes are awarded a variety of badges to indicate different eco-friendly features. Some of these badges include:

  • Recycled PET Badge: One or more of the major pieces of the shoes contains at least 50% recycled polyethylene therephthalate (PET), which is plastic from recycled soda bottles.
  • Organic Content Badge: One or more of the major pieces of the shoes contains at least 50% certified organic materials.
  • Silver Rated Tannery Badge: The leather from the shoes comes from a tannery that has received a silver rating for reduced waste, reduced energy use, and high quality water treatment.

Timberland Earthkeepers Shoes

Timberland Earthkeepers shoes reinforce the Timberland Company’s commitment to the preservation of the environment. Timberland Earthkeepers shoes, boots, and sandals not only utilize eco-friendly materials such as organic materials and plastic from recycled soda bottles. But they also promote eco-friendly businesses by selecting leathers from tanneries that have shown progress in reducing waste and energy use on their own. Timberland Earthkeepers shoes come in a wide array of rugged but casual styles including classic boat shoes, comfortable sandals and flip flops, and sturdy boots. Timberland Earthkeepers shoes allow you to minimize your carbon imprint while giving you great style, comfort, and support at the same time.