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Wolverine DuraShocks Technology

The Wolverine brand carries over a century of history and wisdom in producing footwear for working men and women. Although Wolverine has since expanded to produce hiking shoes and boots, casuals, women’s footwear, and even accompanying athletic apparel, Wolverine’s specialty has always been high quality work boots and work shoes. And that is still its specialty. As the company has accumulated wisdom and know-how through the years, Wolverine has only improved the quality of men’s and women’s Wolverine work boots and shoes. Using extremely durable leather and materials with sturdy construction techniques, men's Wolverine and women's Wolverine boots and shoes ensure lasting protection and wear. Wolverine work boots and work shoes deliver maximum comfort, support, and performance to keep hard-working men and women energized and on their feet.

There are many reasons why Timberland is the first choice when it comes to work boots. But the primary reason is Timberland’s continuing push to innovate. Wolverine boots and shoes feature proprietary Wolverine technology and a number of features to protect you from the many hazards on the workplace while also offering comfort and support.

Wolverine DuraShocks

Wolverine introduced their revolutionary Wolverine DuraShocks technology in 1991. Work boots and work shoes that feature Wolverine DuraShocks technology contain compression pads in both the heel and the forefoot of the sole. These compression pads serve to absorb shock and increase energy return to decrease fatigue on your feet. In other words, you’ll stay on your feet with much more energy for much longer.

Wolverine MultiShox

The Wolverine MultiShox comfort system, following in the footsteps of Wolverine DuraShocks technology, also features compression pads in the heel and forefoot of the sole. But on top of that, shoes with Wolverine MultiShox contain an insole with gel inserts for especially responsive cushioning.

Wolverine MX

The Wolverine MX system continues to build upon the previous Wolverine DuraShocks and Wolverine MultiShox systems. Men's Wolverine and women's Wolverine footwear with Wolverine MX have compression pads in the forefoot and heel as well as an advanced-comfort insole with gel inserts. But Wolverine MX also adds a lightweight polyurethane midsole into the equation for even better shock absorption and energy return.

Wolverine Fusion

Wolverine Fusion comfort construction permanently locks a DuraShocks outsole to the welted upper with 360º side stitching to deliver increased durability. On top of the compression pads in the heel and forefoot, boots and shoes with Wolverine Fusion also feature Vibram rubber outsoles which are slip-resistant and temperature-resistant.

Wolverine Compressor

Wolverine Compressor technology is a two-piece compression system consisting of Wolverine DuraShocks technology, which contains compression pads in the sole to enhance shock absorption and energy return. In addition, Wolverine Compressor technology utilizes a built-in TPU shank to provide stability and support.

Wolverine Contour Welt Construction

Wolverine Contour Welt Construction offers great flexibility and durability. The comfort gel insole provides increased cushioning and shock absorption while the footbed gives excellent arch support. The outsole is ASTM-rated for oil- and slip-resistance as well as abrasion-resistance.